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Why should I replace a missing tooth?

What most people do not realize about losing a tooth is that they also begin the process of bone loss in the jaw.  This bone loss occurs in multiple directions and people can lose up to 60% of the surrounding bone in less than 1 year.  This can be especially troublesome if the tooth that is lost is one of the front teeth.  Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that helps to maintain the bone in the jaws and prevent bone loss.

This is a excerpt from a Q and A that I have been participating in.  It is probably the one thing that people don’t understand about losing teeth.   This is not something that has been discussed by a lot of dentist with their patients regarding tooth loss.

This is very important because it directly effects the future replacement of that missing tooth.  When you start losing bone, you start the difficult process of trying to get it back.  What could be taken care of very easily early on may require extensive bone grafting years later.  Luckily, with the bone grafting techniques that we have available today, we can almost always still replace missing teeth with dental implants.

On the flip side, we could replace it early at the time that it needs to be removed and avoid the need for grafting.   The major upsides here are time and money, and  we all know that in todays society we would all like to save a little of both.

Dental implants provide us with a tremendous tool to replace missing teeth.  With dental implants we are able to give you back a tooth, and with that tooth, a quality of life that you would be missing without it.

For more information about dental implants, bone loss, bone grafting and oral and maxillofacial surgery, visit our website www.brazossurgery.com

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